Bigger Bass Bonanza poster

Bigger Bass Bonanza Review & Play

  • Release Date: 16/09/2021
  • RTP: 96.71%
  • Volatility: medium-high
  • Max Win: x4,000
  • Bet Range ($,€,£): 0.12 - 240
  • Number of Reels: 5
  • Betways: 12

Bigger Bass Bonanza

“Bigger Bass Bonanza” is an exciting game where everyone can not only catch fish but also have a chance to win a big prize. The main goal of the player is to catch fish, and there are several game modes, numerous features, options, and possibilities to make the gameplay engaging and productive. Among the features of the online slot, you can highlight access to bonus games, and players can also spin for free. This is far from an exhaustive list of opportunities that increase the chances of becoming a winner and receiving a prize. That’s why the game has a lot of fans.

In the game, players need to collect symbols, and if they have identical symbols in one row, the user receives their winnings. To do this, you need to spin the reels. Both beginners and experienced users can play “Bigger Bass Bonanza.” It’s not necessary to start with real bets right away; you can always try your luck in a demo mode.

In the game, players will encounter a variety of symbols, all related to fishing and representing essential fishing attributes: boats, fishing rods, hooks, fish, and bait. Each symbol has its functions that help the user achieve their goal of winning a prize.

If a user collects three bonus symbols, they are given the opportunity to activate a bonus round. Several cells are available to choose from, and one of them contains a prize.

Everyone can play “Bigger Bass Bonanza” for free by finding the necessary online slot on our website and then spinning the reels and relying on luck.

Settings Menu

In a separate section, the user can access settings and make changes to the gameplay based on their personal preferences. The settings menu is represented by a gear icon, and clicking on it allows you to adjust the game’s parameters. In this section, you can make adjustments to the following settings:

Sound: During gameplay, you can enable or disable sound.
Music: You can turn the music on or off.
Information: Users have access to a payout table, and they can also familiarize themselves with the game rules.
Bet: Define the value of the bet per spin.
Auto Spin: Set the number of automatic spins.
Statistics: Access statistics for the last rounds.
Betting Menu
In this section, the user can set the bet size, and for each spin, a different value can be indicated. Among the available options, you can highlight:

Bet: You can set the bet size, and this option applies to each spin individually.
Maximum Bet: You can determine the maximum bet size for each spin.
Minimum Bet: You can specify the minimum bet size for each spin.
Maximum Win: Here, the user can find out how much they can win with the bet they placed earlier.

The user can customize everything to suit their chosen tactics and strategy, optimizing the gameplay.

You can play “Bigger Bass Bonanza” for free on our website from your personal computer or mobile device.

Special Symbols

The game features two symbols that are distinct from all others: one brings winnings, while the other provides free spins.

Money Symbol

This symbol belongs to the category of special symbols and can appear on any of the reels. To determine the size of the reward offered by the symbol, you need to look at the number displayed on it. If there are two or more money symbols, the values displayed on them are added up, and the resulting amount is awarded to the user.

Free Spins Symbol

Similar to the first symbol, this one can also appear on any of the reels. If the number of symbols exceeds three, the user is granted a specific number of free spins. The exact number depends on how many symbols appear on the reels.

If three symbols appear, you can make 10 free spins.

If four symbols appear, the user is given the opportunity to make 15 free spins.

If there are five symbols, you can make 20 spins of the reels without having to pay.

When the user makes free spins, additional money symbols can appear on the reels, increasing the chances of winning with each new spin.

These symbols were introduced to help the user get more winnings and bonuses.

You can play the online slot “Bigger Bass Bonanza” in DEMO mode on our website, accessing all the standard functions and options.

Slot Volatility

The game has medium volatility, which means there is a certain level of risk, but the likelihood of the user constantly losing or getting small winnings is minimal.

This allows every user to try their luck in “Bigger Bass Bonanza.” Users making bets can expect either small or large winnings.

Several factors influence volatility, among which the chosen strategy and bet size are essential. If the bet is high, this leads to increased risk, but at the same time, the chances of getting a big win increase.

Strategies and Tactics

Success in the game depends to a large extent on the chosen tactics and strategy. Here are some examples:

Determining the optimal bet. You should allocate your available capital wisely, which allows you to play for a long time, thereby increasing the chances of getting a big win. It’s better to avoid high-stakes strategies right away, as they are riskier due to limited capital.
Play on all active lines. There are a total of 10 active paylines available, and users have the option to place bets on all these lines. When all lines are activated, the chances of winning significantly increase, making it an optimal tactic for success in the game.
Bonus symbols. During reel spins, special symbols may appear, and it’s better to use them as intended. They provide users with various bonuses and winnings.
Free spins. When the user triggers free spins, money symbols can appear on the reels. As the name suggests, these symbols bring winnings, so it’s best to use them immediately after they appear.
Demo mode. If the user has never played online slots before, it’s better to start with the demo mode. This allows you to gain an understanding of the game’s features and mechanics, try out different strategies, and choose the one that works effectively.
Time and money limits. This is a control mechanism that helps users manage their funds.
The game offers a demo mode specifically for those who have never played online slots before. In this mode, you can play for free, and there is no need to deposit funds into your account. After playing in this mode, the user can gain an understanding of the game’s features and mechanics.

To switch to this mode, simply go to the menu and click the “Play for Fun” button. After that, the mode becomes active.

You can play “Bigger Bass Bonanza” in DEMO mode on our website – it’s the best starting point for beginners trying their hand at the game.